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Laura received her BBA in Marketing and worked in the corporate world most of her adult life.  She was a Buyer for two major retailers and then had an over decade-long sales career in Regional and Account Manager roles in the video game industry for various game publishers.  During this time she experienced a toxic brain injury (diagnosed as toxic encephalopathy)  from environmental and other factors. This presented the challenge of needing to leave a demanding career, that required long work hours and frequent travel, in order to slow down and focus solely on healing.  

Laughter was always a major part of her life until this time when her body and mind seemed to have forgotten joy. She knows fully what it feels like to be so ill that laughter feels like a foreign concept out of reach.  She also knows the power of neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change; because utilizing that power through a self-directed neuroplasticity program (called DNRS) along with other supportive therapies she healed from a list of chronic conditions. Laura engaged in Laughter Yoga for several years before becoming a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.  Laughter Yoga helped retrain every part of her being to laugh and feel joy again which inspires her to help others find that power within themselves.

Throughout her healing process Laura chose to explore her creative energy in ways she never imagined. Tapping into her musical talent, she learned to play the guitar and the piano which she practices regularly and continues to take weekly piano lessons. She earned credentials as a Certified Residential Indoor Environmentalist and consults with clients to help them live in healthier homes. She also loves organic edible and butterfly gardening and volunteering with a local cat rescue organization. 

The realization that healing is an inside job presented the opportunity for her to dispel lots of old beliefs about what creativity is, what healing means and what she is capable of doing. She now knows she can do anything she chooses to do and so can you!  

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